Pipe clamp installation program

Assembly on the welded plate, before assembly, in order to better determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to do a good job at the fixed location mark, welding, welding, embedded in the lower part of the pipe clamp, put the fixed pipe. Put the other half of the pipe, the body and cover plate, screw tight. Avoid directly welding the bottom of the pipe clamp.

Stacked assembly, rail can be welded on the basis, or fixed by screws, first installed on the next half pipe clamp body, put on the fixed tube and then put on half a pipe clamp body, a screw, the anti loose cover to prevent it from turning. Then install second pipe clamps, the same as above.
The assembly of the bent pipe shall be fixed in the front and the back of the pipe by the pipe clamp at the front and the back of the bent pipe. It is suggested that such a supporting point should be in a fixed position.

Classification of pipe clamps: editing
1. by shape, full round heavy pipe clamp, round light tube clip, long head, half pipe clamp, short head, half pipe clamp, rotating pipe clamp, rotary felt pipe clamp, J pipe clip, etc.. According to Ningbo Han Lin Electrical Appliance Co., ltd..
Press the flat tube clamp (4 sheets)
2. According to material quality, plastic ABS pipe clip, aluminium alloy pipe clip, stainless steel pipe clamp, carbon steel pipe clamp, etc.. According to the market classification of common materials.


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