U pipe clamp

U pipe clamps are applicable to the fixed pipes of oil, water and gas in the mechanical hydraulic system such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, vehicles, ships, electric power, etc.. U tube clamps are usually made of standard carbon steel. Some products are also made of plastic. After stamping, sheet metal and surface zinc treatment, they are made into “U” style. The U type pipe clip has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, durable use and convenient disassembly and assembly. U tube clamps have the advantages of vibration reduction, noise elimination, sound absorption and corrosion resistance.

Material requirements
It can be manufactured as required
The surface of the pipe clamp is galvanized, and other surface treatment methods can be chosen according to the requirements
Teddy may design, manufacture, or use other materials and pipe diameters as required.

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Post time: Dec-02-2017
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